COVID-19 Update (17 December 2021)

Restrictions eased for places of worship, but check in is still essential

Further easing of COVID-19 restrictions took effect on 15 December.

  • You must stay home if you are unwell
  • Attendance limits no longer apply, but physical distancing is encouraged whenever possible
  • Service NSW Check In is still required for places of worship. If you do not have access to the Service NSW App, then continue to sign in on the sheet in the parish centre
  • All members of the assembly can sing
  • The wearing of face masks is encouraged (especially when physical distancing is not possible) but no longer mandatory

Sunday Mass obligation has been restored

Last year, when COVID-19 restrictions were first put in place, Bishop Vincent Long temporarily suspended the obligation of Catholics in the Diocese of Parramatta to participate in Sunday Mass. Now that all attendance limits have been lifted in New South Wales, the Sunday Mass obligation has been restored.

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