Confirmation and First Reconciliation Enrolment for 2021

If your child is baptised, and you believe that you and your child are ready to prepare for, and participate in their celebration of the Sacraments of Reconciliation or Confirmation this year, then you are invited to enrol in this process.

Details about First Communion will be finalised and shared later in the year, based on the COVID requirements at that time.

Children’s Sacramental Process 2020

Enrolment into the Children’s Sacramental Process will be available from this weekend via the school and parish offices, websites and news stands. The aim of this process is to support parents as they guide their children’s understanding and practice of the faith. If you’re a parent discerning the sacraments for your children, when to begin, how to go about it, or even whether or not you should enrol your child into this process, please refer to the enrolment form. For further enquiries please email Paola Yevenes at