COVID-19 Update (19 February 2022)

All are welcome to join us at Mass

Check in no longer required

Face mask restrictions ease on 25 February

We still have resources for those who need to celebrate Sunday at home

Further information

Restrictions eased for places of worship

Further easing of COVID-19 restrictions took effect on 18 February. This means that Masses and other parish activities may return to pre-COVID arrangements in large part, and that Service NSW Check In is no longer required. If you have stayed at home since the last lockdown, we are ready to welcome you back to church.

If, however, you are displaying COVID symptoms, please stay at home until you have recovered. We ask this to ensure the safety of you and our whole community.

The wearing of face masks at church remains mandatory for another week. From Friday 25 February, the wearing of face masks is encouraged (especially when physical distancing is not possible) but no longer mandatory.

We understand that some people may still need to celebrate Sunday at home (for example, people who are sick or whose health makes them vulnerable). We will continue to share resources for praying at home on our website from The Carmelites of Australia and Timor-Leste, Mass for You at Home, and our diocesan cathedral.

Sunday Mass obligation has been restored

In 2020, when COVID-19 restrictions were first put in place, Bishop Vincent Long temporarily suspended the obligation of Catholics in the Diocese of Parramatta to participate in Sunday Mass. Since attendance limits were lifted in New South Wales in December, the Sunday Mass obligation has been restored. You at not required, however, to participate in Mass if you are unwell, and Communion can be brought to those who are sick or housebound. Contact us if you require this support.