If you wish to come to the church for Sunday Mass, please read and follow the procedures below, then complete the form

You need to book a day and time for coming to the church

  • The number of participants at Mass is limited, in accordance with the current NSW Government restrictions
  • Contact details must be collected and retained by the parish office for contact tracing purposes
  • Bookings can also be made by phone, or if necessary, in person at the parish office
  • Registrations must be made by midday on Friday
  • Doors will be closed once the permitted number of registered people arrive

Physical distancing

  • Physical distancing must be maintained in the church and parish centre (members of the same household excepted)
  • Please use the crosses on the seats as a distancing guide. Family and household groups are asked to sit together
  • Please do not gather for lengthy periods of time after Mass.

Hygiene protocols

  • If you are unwell, you must stay at home
  • Hand sanitiser is available and must be used
  • Wearing of face masks is strongly encouraged
  • Communion strictly only on the hand
  • No Holy Water in the church, but Holy Water is available for you to take home on request

If you agree with the above requirements and wish to come to Mass, please complete the form below

Please note:

  • this form is an expression of interest. The parish office will contact you to confirm when you can come to Mass or visit the church.