The sacraments are celebrations Christ gives the Church.  They are powerful signs of God’s grace in our lives.


Baptisms are celebrated on Sundays after children are presented to the parish community during Sunday Mass.  To help parents better understand the importance of baptism into the Catholic Church, as well as the rituals and symbolism of the baptism celebration, we ask all parents to participate in a preparation session.

Sacraments of First Reconciliation, First Communion and Confirmation for Children Already Baptised

The process of completing sacramental initiation for children already baptised is family-based, parish-centred and school-supported. In this way, children are brought up to be full members of a community of faith.

The sacraments of confirmation and eucharist are celebrated at such time parents believe their children have reached the age of reason (although the parish does determine a minimum age limit). The sacrament of penance is also celebrated with children as part of the journey, before first communion.

Children and parents engage in a period of preparation in the midst of the parish community before the celebration of each sacrament. Parents are supported in their responsibility and privilege as first educators of the faith to their children.

Enrolments are now being taken for First Communion. Follow the link below to find our more.